About Us

RIGO Litter Control is a Chicago based company that offers professional grade maintenance of commercial and residential property grounds (sidewalks, parking lots, and surrounding landscape) to keep them free of all litter material (cups, cans, cigarette butts, food wrappers, bottles, etc.) up to 5 days per week. We provide a more cost-effective approach to year-round litter removal by providing a daily service for a fraction of the cost of traditional power sweeping. We utilize special tools and proven techniques that enable us to clean up more litter in less time and can create a litter control program to meet your specific needs. In addition, upon request, our service can be performed outside of hours of operation (a.k.a “after hours”) to avoid disrupting day-to-day activities and to ensure that the highest level of customer satisfaction is achieved.

The appearance of your property is essential to your business, which is why we pride ourselves on providing a more visually appealing grounds. Cleaner, greener, and litter free properties will help you to sustain current and attract new tenants, add resale value to your properties, and convey positive thoughts about your company in the community!

You will find that not only are we passionate about helping to revitalize Chicago, but we also take pride in knowing that our work helps to decrease the amount of litter that ends up in our sewers, which ultimately lead to the Gulf of Mexico. Such litter not only creates an eyesore along our world’s shorelines, but it also can lead to damage of marine habitat and wildlife harm via entanglement and ingestion. There is no better way to show our appreciation to Mother Nature than to take responsibility and accountability for our actions, and willingly and systematically help to maintain its components.

[Flow of water (and sewage) from the Chicago River through other river systems into the Gulf of Mexico. Adapted from map by Shannon 1, CC by 4.0. Image from Matt Edgeworth, and Jeff Benjamin, Rivers of the Anthropocene: What is a River? The Chicago River as Hyperobject (Univ of California Press, 2017), 174]

Are you ready to kick litter to the curb, save money, and feel good about helping restore Chicago and its waterways? If so, contact us for your FREE quote!


Quality Assurance

*Licensed and insured
*Locally owned and operated 
*Scheduled service
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